What Is a Background Check?

A background check refers to the procedure of inspecting a person’s public and private records to review or verify certain information. Background checks can be conducted by anyone wishing to find out more about people they associate, stay, work, or live with.

Besides confirming the provided data, background checks can also help you discern any potential risks or issues that may arise by associating a person. The main goals of this process is ensuring your safety and security and proper decision making.

The background information you find usually varies with checks. However, there aren’t any standard rules/procedures during this process. You can decide which approach or details to search based on what you’re trying to uncover.

What Is a Background Check?

Types of Background Checks

Background checks are available in many forms, and you can use any of them based on your needs. Every type of check usually reveals varying information relevant to the search. Below are 7 types of background checks:

  • Criminal Record Check

    Background checks can reveal a person’s criminal records. The compiled report will include the target’s past, diminished, and current charges, incarceration history, parole violations, felonies, convictions, and more.

    A background check tool gathers a person’s criminal documents and information from the state, county, and court records of a country. However, it can only reveal details from records with legal public access.

  • Employment Records Check

    Employment background checks can help employers know who they’re hiring. It can show them candidates’ skill set, experience, criminal history, drug history, medical history, and education level.

    This check is often conducted during job applications, and can give insight on risks or advantages associated with hiring an employee.

  • Credit History Check

    Credit background checks give details on people’s credit utilization rate (debt-to-credit ratio). A credit report usually documents all the bill expenses and credits someone has accomplished in a particular time.

    The search can also reveal a person’s liabilities and bankruptcies, unpaid bills, payment history, credit inquiries, civil judgements, and more. You may need this type of background check when applying for loans.

  • Education History Check

    Education background checks show a person’s educational accomplishments and certifications. They can include someone's specific area of training, number of degrees they have, schools they attended, year(s) they studied in certain institutions, majors, and graduation dates.

  • Personal Background Checks

    You can also perform a background check on yourself to find out what the public knows about you. Personal background reports can include your public records, social media profiles, education history, and other details related to you.

  • Driving Records Check

    A driving background check can show details about someone’s driving history. The report may show their driving license, driving violations, arrests, license suspensions, and license cancellation.

    You can check these records to see if there is information that can disadvantage you when applying for a driving job.

  • International Background Checks

    If you’re planning to meet or hire people from other countries or continents, it’s best you run an international background check on them to confirm their details. The information you may uncover in this search will include their personal and public data.

Reasons to Perform a Background Check

Performing background checks can help you in many ways. Some of them include:

Avoid Liability Risks

Liability risks can be categorized into different groups, including general, personal, product, contractual, and legal risks. Common personal liability risks include sexual harassment and abuse, discrimination, injuries, and other loss/damage.

Identify Who Called Me from This Number

The lookup phone number search can help you detect fake telemarketers, business organizations, and robocalls. You can save yourself from any inconvenience.

Background checks provide extensive information that can help you avoid such risks. For example, indulging with a sex offender or hiring a driver with a DUI history.

Check People’s Criminal Records

Criminal background checks can show you if a person has ever been involved in any form of criminal activity and whether they’re trustworthy or dangerous.

These reports include all criminal records of a person, including pending court hearings, convictions, arrests, and incarceration histories.

Check out Online Buyers, Sellers, and New Dates

It’s easy to get scammed or endangered by people you buy from or sell to products via the internet. Online dating sites have also allowed people to find partners and interact. However, not everyone you meet online has genuine intentions.

Checking the details of online buyers, sellers, and new dates can show you if they’re who they claim to be and reveal possible fraud details about them.

To Know More About Yourself

A personal background search will provide all your background information. PeopleSearchFaster offers an-easy-to-use platform you can use to check your publicly available details like court records, contact details, and social media presence.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

Conducting background eliminates the worry of you doubting whether the people close to you are who they say they are. It will tell you if they’re burglars, sex offenders, stalkers, or thieves. This information will help you choose better friends, partners, or practitioners you can trust.

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What Does a Background Check Include?

Different types of background checks offer varying information about people. Below are details you can expect to find during these background checks:

  • Basic Information

    Background search can reveal someone’s basic details like their actual name, age, birth date, address, social profiles, and more.

  • Location History

    This process can show you the target’s past and current addresses, office address, and location.

  • Contact Information

    You can learn people’s phone numbers, email addresses, and landline numbers through background checks.

  • Financial Details

    These checks can show the target’s past financial institutions, credit inquiries and scores.

  • Relationship History

    Background searches can give more insight into a person’s relationship history. For example, they can tell you if they’re married, divorced, or have official or hidden profiles on online dating sites.

  • Criminal History

    Criminal background checks reveal criminal-related details about a candidate, including pending arrest prosecutions, felony, misdemeanor convictions, pending criminal cases, and incarceration history. However, some matters like juvenile prosecutions are usually publicly inaccessible.

How to Conduct a Background Search Using PeopleSearchFaster?

PeopleSearchFaster is an easy-to-use and up-to-the-minute platform you can use to check people’s background information in minutes. Here is a simple procedure to help you achieve this search:

  • Open the PeopleSearchFaster website and navigate to the “Background Check’’ button on the homepage.
  • Input the full name of the individual you’re searching then hit the “Start Search’’ button and wait for the results to reflect.
  • A list of profiles of people with a similar name to that you’ve searched will appear. Click on the one you’re interested in to receive the person’s background history.


Should I run a background check on myself?

You can search for your personal background information to see your publicly available data. It’s a good precautionary step to take before applying for jobs or schools. It can also show you if a completed conviction reflects on your background reports.

Is it possible to run a free background search?

Yes. Google provides a public search engine you can use to inspect people’s background details from their social media profiles, residential addresses, and email addresses.

However, it may not be effective for people who don’t have these profiles or haven’t shared their information across these platforms.

How long does a pre-employment background check take?

The time needed to conduct pre-employment background searches can vary with the type of check and the organizations’ inspection criteria or requirements. Most employers take about 2-5 business days.

Is there a chance to get hired while having a criminal record?

Federal and state laws/regulations control the employment of people with criminal records. Some statutes require employers to analyze various factors before hiring someone with a criminal history. Usually, they’ll consider the crime’s gravity, nature, and recent possible convictions.

How far back do background searches go?

Normally, background checks can cover up to 7+ years of court and criminal records. This time may vary based on state laws and the type of record/information searched.

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